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Michael is a Brisbane based affordable wedding photographer

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I take a personal approach to my work and am as excited as you about your wedding day

I pride myselves on listening to you so you feel comfortable. On being unobtrusive but giving some direction when necessary and always being in control and calm even when chaos can reign.

I like to photograph weddings in a classic candid style that is both beautiful and timeless. It suits easy going couples who would ultimately like beautiful tasteful images of their day.

My priority is knowing that you are happy and taking great photos of your special day that will last a lifetime.

Give me a call or use my contact page would love to meet with you.

I love shooting weddings so much. They’re such an important day for any couple and to share it and capture it for you is such a honour. The thing with weddings is that you know what’s going to happen, when it’s going to happen, you know when people are going to do be doing all the main things. But it’s always different. All wedding are different, we are all individuals, every wedding couples day is different and their own vision. I love being there to capture their day and I would never be in the way. I won’t be running around ordering people around, telling them what to do. I don’t just drag a few flashes and umbrellas from room to room, setting up the same shots I shot at the last wedding. I try to just let the day unfold and try to capture all that is the wedding so you can look back at the images and remember your own special day.

I provide suprisingly Affordable Wedding Photography

How do I provide top quality photography at affordable wedding prices

  • You won’t find me advertising in expensive magazines
  • I’m based at home so I have very few overheads
  • I don’t use assistants, I can carry my own cameras
  • I’m not some big wedding photography factory with 20 photographers
  • I don’t do bridal expos
  • I only shoot 2 weddings a month
  • I pick my couples and only shoot for nice couples

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